Flying Cross  french Blue  Mens 95R6626  No Zipper

Flying Cross french Blue Mens 95R6626 No Zipper

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The Deluxe Tropical public safety shirt is provided by Flying Cross uniform store. The men’s shirts are made of 65% Dacron Polyester and 35% Avril Rayon and have a tropical weave for warm climates. This is a short sleeve police shirt with cross-stitched shoulder straps, a seven-button placket front, and military-style creases. Each shirt comes with pleated pockets with scalloped flaps to hold all your tools. There is also a pencil stitch in one pocket.


  • Comes with cross-stitched shoulder straps and a seven-button placket front
  • Manufactured from polyester and Rayon with a tropical weave for hot climates
  • Offers a set of two creases in the front and three in the back
  • Camera- and communication-ready wire pass through under pocket flaps, epaulets, and along side seams
  • Includes a conventional band and collar with permanent collar stays